“Sibeliusiana for strings”
performed by the orchestra of Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH) , 2022, December 4th

“Yesterday was a wonderful day”
performed by Nuremberg string quintet (2020)

“Elegy for D. and B.”
performed by MRG string quartet (2018)

“Trilogy for strings”, composed 2010
played by MRG string quartet, recorded in 2014

1. Melancholie

2. Aufbruch (Departure)

3. Ausruhen (Rest)

“November – Into the light”
Premiere performed by MRG orchestra, conducted by Anna-Maria Feldmeier-Zeidler (2011)

“Elegy for D. and B.”
played live by SBOU, conductor Mathias Wehr (2010)

“Lullaby for F.”
live performed by Michaela Breunig (2009)