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“If you could describe music with words, music wouldn’t exist.”

“Your music touches, let’s you relax and dream; it is music, which goes deeper.” (Silke Wald enjoying “Lullaby for F.” from CD “Chroma“)

New: Digitization in Education

360-degree video of Chopin’s Nocturne op. 9 as an example for digital teaching in the study program “media production and medua technology” at University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden , module “audio production”. This online learning module will help my students to produce impressive stereophonic sound tracks, even in acoustically difficult rooms and surroundings.

New Video “Yesterday was a wonderful day”

New: Video of Yesterday was a wonderful day performed by Nuremberg String Quintet

Video of “Elegie für D. und B.” gespielt vom MRG Streichquartett

Here is the link:

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